About Us

We offer better insights to your life with our creative home automation solutions 

Delfin, one of the top automation companies in Chennai, is a precipitate of two Instrumentation Engineers having experience in various fields of automation for more than 9 years.

We have a team of creative, young, pro-active and talented Engineers, geared to offer comprehensive, extremely smart and fully customized solutions.

We strive to get into your own world of imagination and thought process to deliver more than what a dream house or work space would look like.

Keeping ourselves abreast with the latest technologies, which enables us to offer indubitable and impeccable solutions that transforms your home or your work space to a smart one. Furthermore, no matter in which corner of the world you are in, your home or your work space will remain safe, secured..!!

Our systems transform your normal life style into a smart one. A Transformation that enhances your life, a transformation that provides added luxury.

Customer satisfaction always remains our top most priority and we successfully end up meeting it as our offerings are crafted and engineered by carefully analyzing and blending the exact needs of our clients. Automate either a single room or your entire place and just be prepared to remain awestruck about the magic you witness.

The Portfolio Includes:

Planning : It includes methodical series of procedures that fuses the imaginations and projects the skeletal view of the same. It represents the wise choice of several alternatives and state of the art engineering for the exact needs of our clients.

Detailed Engineering : A conceptual design in line with the client’s requirement is engineered. Over the years, this team has executed tailor made solutions for their clients. The major part of this covers complete design and architecture, selection of products and programming. Delfin ensures the new solution can be fully integrated into your environment and harmonized with your thought processes. In cooperation with your architects, builders and potential other suppliers, Delfin performs an analysis. The analysis gives a reliable foundation for all Installation & Commissioning services.

Installation and commissioning : The key responsibility lies here. All our engineers are well trained in installation, coordination and supervision. Delfin delivers you the desired technology by commissioning the entire system and ensures the system works in an efficient way.

Training : Delfin provides its customers a strategic support by providing training to its clients that will help improve the interactivity with the system. The trainings thus enhance their skills and maximize the utilization of our system.